Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spotlight on Apparel: Custom for Spring and Summer

Custom-Designed T-Shirts 

I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m probably not the only one with a dresser drawer full of t-shirts I received either as a free giveaway at an event or for participating in an activity. As I look through those t-shirts (and there are a LOT), I can’t help but smile as I am reminded of the day I received it, what the event/activity was, and the people I was there with.

I know I’m not the only one with a stack of t-shirts like this, because organizations and businesses understand that people really like custom-printed apparel – especially t-shirts.  Some of these organizations use t-shirts as free giveaways and prizes. Other organizations (ie: sporting events and leagues or fitness walks and races) choose to create t-shirts to help unify teams or groups. Many children’s organizations (YMCA, park districts, schools) create t-shirts to identify classes, sports teams, or to group children by age.

Custom-printed apparel not only helps identify and unify groups or teams, but it is also a way for organizations to express creativity through design and art, humor through text and taglines, a schedule (for a musical groups or sports teams), advertising and sponsorship (for public/private sports leagues) among other things. The options for material, colors, cut/style, and design are truly endless.

Shirts/Jerseys for Sports Teams
Custom-printed apparel doesn’t have to just be a keepsake – but can also be a powerful (and FREE) “Wear and Share” marketing tool. Of course your participants will enjoy wearing the t-shirt AT the event, but odds are that they will continue to wear that shirt in the future. The biggest fans of your brand, organization, business or cause are the ones that will continue to wear the apparel the most – so be sure that those fans don’t miss out. With your brand logo/name on the apparel (and possibly your website, phone number, facebook and/or twitter handle), you will continue to get brand exposure as people continue to wear the apparel in public. They end up working for you, and are driving attention (and with attention comes more clients and participants) towards your cause without you having to do anything more!

Summer and spring events and activities seem to be the ones that lend themselves to needing more custom-printed apparel, so as you start to plan your events this season, consider creating some unique apparel for your participants. Our design team will work with you every step of the way to make sure the design you already have is printed with the best possible quality, or will help you bring a brand-new design to life. The keepsake will certainly make your event one that your participants and attendees will never forget.